Monday, May 29, 2006

Great quotes...

I gotta admit.Im outta ideas..Sooner or later,this site will turn into my own personal blog,i knew it! But let's be optimistic,Ameer leads a very healthy & enjoyable life. I enjoy eating cupcakes & reading news. If you enjoy those as well,or you simply enjoy stalking other people ,hey here's the place to be. Here's my impression of an Ameer who enjoys personal blogging.

"Hey peeps,AmEeR HeRe..I woke up at 3pm in the AfTeRnOOn.Holy cow! I didn't realise how long i slept. So,after waking up,i brushed my teeth.It was nice brushing it.So after tHaT,i watched the tv.The TV shows theyve shown was amazing,i couldn't stop laughing.Then,i drove to the grocery's to pick up today's paper. Haha,Ken lay of Enron was found guilty so screw you ,you douchebag! AfTa that,i ate a brownie. day is getting exciting with hours passing by. I'll keep you updated


Okay,that kinda freaks me off.I can't imagine myself in a situation where my main topic of entry is the sequence of events of my daily shit & errands. You see,the internet is like a suburban jungle. The civilians are either perverts or child molesters. In the real world,every piece of information regarding one's personal life is valuable to these predators.They can see patterns & soon enough,you'll be co-starring in a rape video. Hmm...ok then,i just made that up. Trust me,i have no sort of knowledge on that subject. Anyway,the moral of the story is that i won't be blogging about my personal life. Guess what that means? I will still be providing you with fake theories,humour,lessons & intricacies of life in general (although i suggest you to not follow whichever advice i've given out because they tend to be misleading at times) Yes,I have just saved the day!

Anyway,as the header suggests.Here are some great quotes from my sources of inspiration.

"The President of Mexico, Vicente Fox, is here in the United States for four days. Yea, that's how it starts. Four days, then four weeks and then four months. ... Actually when he arrived, he was greeted in the traditional manner. He was immediately offered a job at Wal-Mart."
-- Jay Leno

"Dick Cheney said he was running again. He said his health was fine, 'I've got a doctor with me 24 hours a day.' Yeah, that's always the sign of a man in good health, isn't it?"
-- David Letterman

"We have it. The smoking gun. The evidence. The potential weapon of mass destruction we have been looking for as our pretext of invading Iraq. There's just one problem - it's in North Korea."
--Jon Stewart


Blogger Anneesa said...

LOL. You're arrogant and sassy. We need more of you in the blog world to state the obvious. Keep it up.

11:16 PM  
Blogger Ahmed Ameer Kaffenberger said...

Ameer appreciates both parts of the comments although i like the latter part less.

12:21 PM  
Anonymous - said...

you have a phony profile dude

11:22 PM  
Blogger Ahmed Ameer Kaffenberger said...

exactly. that was purely intentional

6:52 AM  

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